About Us

At heroPro sport, our mission is to empower professionals to achieve their goals by making nutrition simple, engaging and evidence based.

Our heritage in professional sports

Taking the world of elite sport by storm, our focus has always been to help empower athletes to make optimum choices while revolutionising the approach to nutrition and fitness.

We have a world class team of nutritionist and fitness experts who have collective experience in elite professional sports.


Dr Tom Little, PhD, MSc, BSc, SENr, ACSC

Tom is a performance & nutrition specialist with over 20 years experience in elite professional sport. He has worked in the Premier League and has consulted for international football, rugby codes, cricket, triathletes & combat sports.

“Over the course of my long career I constantly encountered the same problem with my clients; confusion when it comes to optimal nutrition and a lack of cooking skills. Therefore, I developed Colour-Fit to provide intuitive dietary knowledge and cooking confidence and it has brought me fantastic results in health and performance.”

Joe Gaunt

Meet Joe, our CEO. Joe is former UK MD of multi-billion pound co-working company We Work, Director of Reward Gateway, an employee engagement technology platform, a psychology graduate and a qualified personal trainer. Joe has always had a lifelong interest in health, wellbeing and helping people. Joe is founder of hero, an award winning preventative health tech business which supports organisations with proactive wellbeing across physical, mental, social and financial health. The Colourfit system is brought to you by the hero Navigator app.

Meet the rest of our Expert Team

Jodie Trigg-Hemmings, BSc, MSc, SENr

Jodie is a certified nutritionist who currently works in professional rugby league & football. She is currently undertaking her PhD in Nutrition Behaviour.

Dr Haytham Salem, MD, ACSM, BASEM is a GP

A GP with special interest in Sports Medicine & corporate wellness. A former international football player, Haytham currently works for Everton FC & advises on cultural content for the Middle East.

Rob Harvey, BSc

The International Triathlon Union Development Coach, providing direct coaching, coach education and sports development. He has worked with stars such as the Brownlee brother and Non Stamford. Previously, he spent 5 years working as a coach at the British Triathlon Performance Centre in Leeds and was Head Coach for Manchester Triathlon Club.

Tiffany Afflick, BSc

Performance chef & sport scientist & who specialises in vegan & cultural cuisine. She has worked with an array of athletes & British Swimming.

Matthew Kenny

Professional chef with over 10 years experience working in high-end catering & professional sport.

Luke Hemmings, BSc

Sport Scientist and Fitness expert.

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Our Basic Plan includes meal libraries, meal builders and planning, shopping lists and ordering through supermarket partners, video demos and nutrition resources.



The Advanced Plan includes everything from the basic plan plus team branding on the app and nominated coach access.



Providing the ultimate in sports science nutrition, the Elite Plan includes everything from basic and advanced plus customised content and on-site consultancy.

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